Saturday, December 8, 2012

Interview With Gavin "Miracle of Sound" Dunne/ Things to Come

Before I get to today's illustrious interviewee, just a small update.  This will be the last uploaded interview for a while, due to it being the last radio show for the semester.  This will also be the last blog post for a week or two, given finals at Georgetown.  But after that, there will be a massive increase in posts during Georgetown's Holiday Break.  I will not only be uploading new posts on topics I wanted to talk about for a while, but also some of my papers and emails about video games that I have written in the past semester.  But enough of logistics!

Today's interview and show is focuses on Gavin "Miracle of Sound" Dunne, who has a musical series on the, where Gavin writes various songs based on video games.  From Gears of War to Skyrim to Mass Effect, Mr. Dunne has rocked the internet with his own form of brilliant songs that perfectly convey the feeling (or at least, his feeling) on the most recent video games.  Using a variety of styles, genres, and tempos, Mr. Dunne makes it so no two songs are the same.

In my interview with Gavin, we discuss his introduction to music, his first video game song, and his commissioned song with Bioware, "Take It Back," which was used to promote their recent release, Mass Effect 3.

Please check out Gavin's two albums, Level One and Level Two, which are available on iTunes

Listen in tonight at 7 PM EST on WGTB for our season finale and "Miracle of Sound" themed show!  I'm looking forward to playing my favorite songs.

The Interview with Gavin:

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