Friday, November 9, 2012

Interview with brentalfloss

Brent "brentalfloss" Black
This week's interview and this week's show focuses on video game lyricist, comedian, and internet celebrity, Brent "brentalfloss" Black.  Mr. Black came to fame with his extremely popular "With Lyrics" series, where Brent provides lyrics to songs from classic games, from Mega Man 3 to Banjo Kazooie.  It is in these videos where we see Brent's comedic and musical talents, as he not only points out the ridiculousness of certain concepts in gaming while keeping in time with the tempo and melodies of the original songs.  For example, in his popular "Contra WITH LYRICS," video, Brent (dressed in eyeblack, headband, and a tank top) details the wonder of the famous "Konami Code," his love of the spread gun, and...let's say his "penchant" for Bjork.

Brent's efforts do not just extend to the "With Lyrics" videos, for Mr. Black also includes Lyric 101 videos on his channel, as well as political rants, among other things.  He also writes a comic about a fictional version of himself (called, as you might expect, "brentalfloss: the comic"), as well as some collaborations with internet celebrity and movie critic Doug "The Nostalgia Critic" Walker.  In Walker's admittedly "favorite" review, Moulin Rouge, Black not only co-starred in the review, but also wrote four out of the five songs featured in the musical review.

And this is just the beginning of Mr. Black's career and projects.  He claims to be interested in making games and further expanding his videos beyond just comedy, heavily considering more tragic, or just more dramatic and deep, songs about classic characters.  We'll just have to wait and see what Mr. Black creates, but I am waiting eagerly.


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