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An Interview with Bryon "PsyGuy" Beaubien

Super PsyGuy
There are few people on the Internet who are involved in as many projects as Bryon Beubien, more well known by his Internet moniker "PsyGuy."  With projects like his review show the "Super PsyGuy Super Show," two webcomics, a podcast, and the YouTube channel "Does A Thing," Psy's name is everywhere on the Internet.  He's even been included as a guest voice actor on various abridged series and other YouTube channels.   In this interview, I ask Psy about all his projects, his comedic influences, his Internet fame, and other topics.  I'd like to thank Psy for his time, and suggest that you check out all his links below.

Super PsyGuy Super Show

How did the idea for the show come about?
Some of my favorite content providers had been a little lax on game reviews, and I noticed a lot of more informational vs. entertainment reviews coming up.  Like DYKGaming, VGFacts, Game Theory, Game Exchange; I love those shows.  They're great.  They're not meant to be very funny though like some of the others that, well, it's hard to find an update from.  I'm not going to name names but you know who I'm talking about.  I don't really like Let's Plays as a main feature because I feel like it's lazy. I have my own channel for my Let's Plays when my friends and I doink around but it's just for shiggles. Long story short - I wanted to put a "funny" game review show out there. Where the only facts about the game is the name of the game and everything else is subjective.

I noticed a LOT of shows just have game footage and a camera. I didn't really want to do another one of those shows and I wanted something more visually interesting and I asked Frob if he would be up for drawing, animatic style, my review show. He was up to it and it all kind of just fell into place.  I would rant for a couple minutes and he would draw it. People think I'm funny I guess and Frob's a machine in churning out art so it worked out great.

Who influences your writing style and comedic timing? 
I really admire EgoRaptor and Jontron's ability to be funny out of the most mundane things in the world.  It's all meant in good fun, doesn't rely on references, and can stand alone, Little Kuriboh is extremely witty that he's very funny in regular conversation and can light up a room on his feet totally unscripted and create pure gold from nothing.

I also take after my father. His humor's super cornball but I love that kind of junk. 

How do you choose which game you are going to review?
Really, whatever feels good at the time.  I started off reviewing newer games because I had them, but I felt the need to talk about older games.  I try to do whatever feels like it could work or what my heart's into.  It's gotta feel right or I'll just be forced.

Have you caught flak for giving a poor review to a game which another person liked?
Yes. I pissed off a lot of people saying Sly 4: Time Lords in a Van was a giant piece of garbage.  I don't really care because the show is my opinion and that's just too fucking bad.

How did you and Frobman meet?
Uhhhh, Frobman and I met over twitter where he would draw basically every other tweet. I talked to him once - and his voice, for those of you that don't know, is totally monotone.  My podcast, Whachow, is full of a lot of over the top in your face personalities so he was a really good contrast voice to have. It went from there basically.

What games are you interested in reviewing?
Pretty much anything.  Except a lot of FPS and horror survival type games.  I don't, in general, like those types of games.  Even a well-made one I wouldn't know because it's not my thing.  I feel I would be a poor representative to tell fans of those genres if they would like it because I'm just making one of these ":P" the whole time.

Can you give us a small inkling of what games you like and don’t like?  To get a better sense of what kind of video game player you are?
My favorite game of all time is Sonic 3 & Knuckles. I love Mario, Kirby, and Mega Man. I'm a big fan of platformers.  I liked Banjo-Kazooie more than Sonic Generations.  I've liked Halo and Half-Life, and my interest just kind of wanes.  Maybe because it's not very cerebral?  I loved Portal 1 & 2.  I played [the] Metroid Prime [series], but felt 1 was the only real good one.  I hated Metroid: Other M, but Super Metroid is one of my favorites. I adored Pilotwings for the SNES and 64.  I bought an N64 just so I could play Wetrix properly.  Bomberman 64 was amazing, but I prefer Bomberman Hero. Newer games - like LittleBigPlanet was astounding but Metal Gear Rising: Revengance and Ninja Gaiden get extremely repetitive. I think that's enough.  Is that enough?  Sure.

What makes a game “good” to you?  A focus on story?  A sense of fun? 
You can totally miss out on story and still be fun, [such as] Sonic Generations. If you try to have story the story can just be weak and ruin the whole everything. Sonic Adventure 1, 2, Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog....ggggghh.  If it's an RPG it needs to be water right - like the first half of Tales of Symphonia. And not the 2nd half, because whaaaaaat the fuuuuuuck.  Gameplay is really the main key because that's why we're playing games: to play them, not watch a movie.

GG Guys

How did you and Dave meet?
Dave was a huge fan of mine from the olden days of my stuff from 1996 and pretty much begged me to collab with him, so I pondered on GG-Guys and poof.
This happened to me with the 3DS.  Nintendo is full of crafty bastards.
How do you come up ideas for each comic?
While playing a game I get a stupid idea and I go, out loud, "HA HA THAT COULD BE FUNNY." And then go, "OH. THAT COULD BE GG-GUYS FODDER." I write it down and send it to Dave. If he likes it, he draws it.  I've sent him several scripts that were total trash, mind you.  

The comic has not been updated since February, is the comic done, or is this just a short break before you and Dave start making more?
Dave and I have focused our energies on DoesAThing, an YouTube channel focused on the same "line" as GG-Guys, but with animated shorts. It's still video game characters doing something funny, but sans GG-Guys. Dave's talent lies with animation and I love the experience of scripting motion. Having too much on your plate makes all projects in your pool suffer so I only like to focus on one thing.


What inspired the decision to write a satire of superhero comics?  How do you pick what features of superhero comics to make fun of? 
I always wanted to write a "___man" story. batman. superman. spiderman. I thought of Beetles because I think beetles are f'n cool. Then I tried to pick a lot of genres I like. Power Rangers, Ratchet and Clank, Mega Man. I'm not making fun of any one comic but there are various tropes I like to poke fun at.
PsyGuy's own illustration of his character

Are you a fan of superhero comics?  If so, who do you like?
Spider-man and Batman. A couple others but that's really about it. Venom is one of my favorite characters period.

Where do you think the comic will go from here?  There seems to be a bit more drama and storylines developing.
Well I'm trying to keep a cohesive storyline. I'd like for it to feel like Firefly. Action adventure but it's obviously humorous.


This a radio show/podcast you do with your friends, can you tell us a little bit who is featured and how you came up with the idea to do this show?
I started recording people on Skype and slapping it online before the term "podcast" was even thrown around.  I just thought my friends and I would have some golden moments on Skype and I wanted to share those experiences with other people

Does the show have direction, or do you just introduce one topic, and then see where the conversation heads?
I pick several topics we can talk about that would usually spark conversation. Then we do SILLY VOICES to a god awful (OR AMAZING) fanfic.  Or script.  Or butts.

A Wha-Chow Panel
Wha-Chow has become so popular that its panels now have long lines at conventions.  Did you expect this level of acclaim and success?
It does? Where are these panels and why haven't I been in them. I've done Whachow live a couple times but the only long lines I've had is because I've had Egoraptor featured and the room was super small.  I actually feel like the show is very small.  Our facebook has less than 2k likes and I feel it's audience is very niche.  It's fine.  But I don't think it's very successful when compares to, like - Little Kuriboh, Egoraptor, or anything else really.

Does A Thing

How did this idea come about?
Dave: Whoa Psy I need money. 
Psy: Fuck! Let's make a youtube channel where you animate short projects! 
Dave: Okay! I can't write! 
Psy: I can! Dave, Okay!

The videos always defy expectations in what they present.  You would never expect “Morrigan Does A Thing” to feature dolls and Supernatural slash fiction.  How do you come up with ideas for what “thing” each character does?
I just try to come up with funny scenarios for various characters. That being said, going forward, I'm trying to make a huge jump to focus on something that relates to the game the character is from vs. just throwing a video game character into a situation and have them be replaceable. Like, for Morrigan does a thing - you could literally take her out and replace her with ANYBODY - and all the jokes still work. That shouldn't happen. For Wario does a thing, it needs to be Wario because of his "Wah". That's about as "far" away from the source as I want to go. It could still be in his universe since Waluigi and Yoshi's are there - and the Wario games don't take place in one specific spot so it still follows the Wario games' logic. And Sonic Does A thing. It HAS to be Sonic or none of that works at all. Street Fighter does a thing is something I don't really appreciate because I tried to cash in on the Harlem Shake. Ha ha. Who knew that would die out in 2 days? Not me! With that's out now, I'm most happy with Spyro does a thing. Relates to the game, the joke is about a game mechanic - it's very true to the source.  That's what I like. I think people will really enjoy Crash Does A Thing, coming out either this month or next - as it follows VERY closely to the source material.  Except Luigi makes a brief cameo, but whatever.

Are there any characters you are really looking forward to making “Does A Thing” videos for?
Bomberman. Without a doubt.  Silver should be good.  Team Rocket.  Goku (yes, Goku).

Internet Fame

How do you balance so many projects at once?
It's easy when you're the writer for a bunch and you spend a couple hours writing content that takes months to produce. I love writing so I just kinda DERNK around in my hobby and everybody else does the hard stuff and I get the credit, YAY ME.  [For example, there is] the SuperPsyguy Super Show; ignore the fact frob does all the work, MY NAME'S IN THE TITLE, OH BOY.

Having an Internet presence like you do brings you in contact with not only a lot of fans, but other online creators as well.  How have your experiences been with both groups?  Any horror stories or awesome tales?
Horror stories would include both of them mixing together at once. I've had several internet celebrities on my podcast so people think I'm best buddies with these people so they try to be friends with me thinking I can shoot a message to EgoRaptor and have him care or JonTron or WHOEVER, and it's like - no dude. Usually most content creators are very gracious. It's been a little easier recently because DoesAThing is finally putting some weight to my name and when people LIKE your stuff it's much easier to be yourself and not worry about being a total asshole.  I worry a lot.  When I was first hanging with Little Kuriboh, I was having World War II go off in my head because I didn't wanna say something so stupid he didn't want to deal with me.  And now we're pretty close buddies.  I'm pretty sure I've touched his butt.
Horror stories are those fans who think they're a big deal but they don't do annnnything online. They're only way of being self expressive is to be an annoying twat. Wouldn't recommend that route kiddos.

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