Saturday, April 13, 2013

Interview with College Humor Best Friends Video Game Club

In addition to making a living at College Humor, one of the most popular sites on the Internet, the Best Friends Video Game Club – composed of Caldwell Tanner (artist of, Brian Murphy, Owen Parsons, and Marina Cockenberg – started their own video series, focusing on their bizarre lives, terrible friendships, and rage-filled game nights.  So far, the best friends have had a failed intervention about Marina’s multiplayer gloating, invited a homeless man with a knife to their apartment, started a fight at a party, and other things you would not believe. 
The "Best Friends" (Clockwise: Caldwell, Brian, Marina, and Owen; From the Episode "Split Screen")
            However, this is not the only video game focused material the four have made.  From their partner site, Dorkly, the crew (along with the other staff at College Humor), has made a number of video game videos called “Dorkly Bits.”  These videos have been all the rage online, garnering millions of views on Dorkly and YouTube.
            In this interview, the crew discusses their comedic influences, the origins of the series, what it’s like to work at College Humor, and other topics.  Check it out!

Interview with the BFVGC:
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