Friday, March 15, 2013

Interview with Grey Carter and Cory Rydell

Equal parts drama and comedy, the Escapist’s well-acclaimed webcomic Critical Miss has run for more than a year, with almost all of the site’s traffic addicted to every new comic.  The comic is composed of two types of comics: satirical jabs at the occasional idiocy of the video game industry, and a storyline of main character Erin, a internet game reviewer who sees and interacts video game characters that only she can see.  To put it plainly, both parts of the comic are a joy to read.  
An example of both humor and storyline.  One of my favorite comics.
Carter and Rydell’s mocking of the video game industry has the same quick wit and vitriol as Daily Show episode, and Erin’s story is intriguing, endearing, and entertaining.
A satirization of Killzone 3's..."interesting" villains.  Carter admits he strongly dislikes the game for it's "insulting" story.  
Rydell’s art can truly steal the show, for nothing can put a bigger smile on your face than watching Erin and Kratos from God of War sledding merrily down a snow-covered hill. 
Kratos can be a pretty fun guy if you get past the murdering...
In this interview, the two creators of the comic (writer Grey Carter and artist Cory Rydell) discuss the origins of the comic, their process, their interactions with fans, their future projects, and their views on certain issues in the gaming industry.  Both are eloquent and fascinating, and I greatly enjoyed interviewing them.  

Apologies up front for the background noise: finding a quiet spot on Georgetown’s campus is harder than one thinks.

As always, we like to give our interviewees a chance to list their favorite video game music.  Here are Grey's.  Enjoy!

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